NMPF Young Cooperators Take Dairy’s Message to Capitol Hill

NMPF’s Senior Director Theresa Sweeney-Murphy tells Dairy Radio Now listeners about the recent visit to Washington by National Milk’s Young Cooperator representatives, who came to Capitol Hill this week to advocate for the dairy community on key issues like the farm bill and proper dairy foods labeling.

House Ag Committee Tackles Farm Bill; NMPF’s Bleiberg Outlines What’s in It

NMPF’s Executive Vice President Paul Bleiberg explains for listeners of Dairy Radio Now what’s in the Farm Bill draft for dairy farmers as the House Agriculture Committee votes on May 23. Bleiberg describes how the measure handles the economic safety net for farmers, and assesses the prospects for the farm bill measure after this spring on Capitol Hill.

NMPF’s Galen Explains Latest Development in Farm Bill Process in Congress

NMPF’s Senior Vice President Chris Galen explains for listeners of Dairy Radio Now how the House and Senate agriculture committees are each now seeking to advance their respective versions of the 2024 Farm Bill.  Galen describes how the measures may affect dairy policy, and what the next steps are for lawmakers this spring on Capitol Hill.


NMPF’S Hanselman Explains New USDA School Meal Dairy Regulations

NMPF’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, Miquela Hanselman, explains to Dairy Radio Now listeners the changes to the federal school lunch program meal requirements just announced by USDA.  The new rules will maintain a place at the table for flavored milk, while also making modest adjustments to sodium levels that won’t negatively impact cheese offerings in school meals.

NMPF’s Paul Bleiberg Outlines USDA Decision On WIC Dairy Purchases

NMPF’s Executive Vice President Paul Bleiberg gives Dairy Radio Now the background on this week’s decision by USDA to adjust spending for WIC program recipients, and how that will impact dairy purchases, including milk, as the changes are implemented.

NMPF’S Jonker Discusses Findings of Bird Flu in Cattle in Southwest

NMPF’s Chief Science Officer Jamie Jonker explains to Dairy Radio Now listeners what the implications are of the discovery that bird flu has infected some cattle in Texas and Kansas. As the USDA investigation and more sampling is done, Jonker provides tips to listeners about how they can protect their herds from the contagious virus.

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NMPF’s Bleiberg discusses new congressional report on need for farm labor

NMPF’s Executive Vice President Paul Bleiberg joins Dairy Radio Now this week to assess the impact of a new report from the House Agriculture Committee on the need that dairy farms and other ag employers have for farm workers, and what the prospects are for the push to expand the H2A visa program to dairy employers.

NMPF’S Galen Discusses DMC Signup, Impact of Government Shutdown on Farm Bill

NMPF’s Senior Vice President Chris Galen explains to Dairy Radio Now listeners the importance of using the Dairy Margin Coverage program, now that signup for 2024 is open until April 29.  He also predicts what will happen with a looming government shutdown, and how that could impact prospects for the next Farm Bill.

NMPF’s Vitaliano Offers 2024 Dairy Economic Outlook


NMPF’s Vice President of Economic Policy Peter Vitaliano provides Dairy Radio Now listeners a look ahead at what farm-level milk prices will do in 2024. Farmers should benefit from lower feed costs, and with milk production expected to remain stagnant again this year, prices should gradually improve.

NMPF’S Cain sums up USDA milk pricing hearing


NMPF’s Stephen Cain provides Dairy Radio Now listeners a summary of what USDA will do now that its five-month-long national milk pricing hearing concluded at the end of January. NMPF and other parties will soon submit post-hearing briefs, and the USDA is expected to then weigh the evidence presented by witnesses and issue a draft proposal by mid-summer.

NMPF’s Bleiberg Explains Federal Funding Process to Avert Government Shutdown

NMPF’s Paul Bleiberg tells Dairy Radio Now listeners about the latest developments in efforts on Capitol Hill to fund the government in 2024 before certain agencies run out of money.  He also explains the impact of the funding fight on efforts to pass a new Farm Bill in the spring months, before time runs out as the political focus shifts to the fall election campaign.


Galen Offers Preview of Upcoming Dairy Policy Developments in Early 2024

NMPF’s Chris Galen tells Dairy Radio Now listeners about the major national policy developments expected to top the headlines in early 2024.  These include efforts to fund the government, including agencies like the USDA.  Lawmakers also have to complete work on a new Farm Bill prior before the political focus shifts away from Washington toward the 2024 election campaign.