Mental Health and Wellness

Dairy farmers have demanding jobs and face many challenges to maintaining their mental health

For many, farming isn’t just an occupation—it’s an identity, culture and family foundation. Operating a business with many variables beyond one’s control, including weather, commodity prices and trade disruptions, puts farmers at a higher risk of experiencing financial, physical and emotional stress. Also, many rural communities where dairy producers live and farm have limited access to mental health care services.

Farmer and farmworker mental well-being affects individuals and families, as well as farm productivity and animal health. NMPF helps meet the mental health challenges that dairy farmers and workers face through its advocacy and support of the bipartisan, Seeding Rural Resilience Act, the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network authorized in the 2018 Farm Bill, the American Connection Project Broadband Coalition launched by NMPF member cooperative Land O’Lakes, Inc., and other efforts to bring improved mental health resources to rural communities. See below for tools to manage stress and where to go for more information or immediate assistance.

Mental Health Resources

Managing Stress
Seeking Help