NMPF Files Comments to Cell-Based Meat Docket

NMPF filed comments to USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking entitled “Labeling of Meat or Poultry Comprised of or Containing Cultured Animal Cells,” emphasizing consumers right to know that they are consuming cell-based/lab-grown products through the label on the product. The comments, filed Nov. 9, highlighted:

  • The need to enforce already existing standards;
  • That the word “cultured” should not be used to describe these products, as the term is associated with cultured dairy products including yogurt, and kefir among others;
  • Products containing lab-grown animal cells should clearly state that;
  • USDA should coordinate policies with FDA while developing these standards; and
  • “Cell-based,” “lab-grown,” or “synthetic” would all be appropriate labels for these products.

FSIS should move expeditiously through the normal rulemaking process and not waste years developing rules while not making the same blunders that FDA has. The full comments can be found here.