The Numbers Show It — U.S. Dairy is Growing Globally

U.S. dairy products are increasingly competitive globally – a fact shown in surging export numbers, according to two top dairy economists in the National Milk Producers Federation’s latest Dairy Defined podcast.

“Global demand is fundamentally really strong right now,” said Wiliam Loux, the Director of Global Trade Analysis for the U.S. Dairy Export Council.  “Consumers within China are just wanting a lot of dairy. And Mexico, after a tough year with the COVID-19 pandemic and some economic issues, is recovering. Southeast Asia, the Middle East, all need product too.”

Loux was joined by Stephen Cain, an economic analyst for NMPF and USDEC, who noted that, relative to its main global competitors, the United States may be best positioned to take advantage of further growth in international dairy markets.

“The EU and New Zealand are facing substantial obstacles in growing their herd. We’re the only one that has the capacity to add cows, add growth to meet that growing demand,” Cain said. “Our ability to meet that demand, and adding cows and adding production, is really going to help serve us in terms of the global impact of U.S. dairy on the marketplace.”

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