NMPF Sends Georgia Legislature Letter Advocating Against Raw Milk Sales

NMPF sent the chairman of Georgia’s Agriculture and Consumers Affairs committee, as well as the leader of the state’s Raw Milk Study Subcommittee letters urging them to not pass a bill allowing for the sale of raw milk to consumers on Oct 4. Currently, raw milk is only allowed to be sold for pet food in Georgia.

NMPF has long advocated against the sale of raw milk, as it is not only a major public health risk but also is a potential liability for dairy farmers. The letters state, “while choice is an important value, it should not pre-empt consumers’ well-being. To authorize the sale of raw milk and raw milk products is an unnecessary risk to consumer safety and public health. As such, we strongly oppose any legislation which would legalize the sale of raw milk in Georgia.”

The Raw Milk Study Subcommittee is set to meet again in November to further discuss potential legislation.