NMPF Releases Annual Report

In keeping with tradition, NMPF released its annual report at the March board meeting March 8, chronicling the organization’s many activities and accomplishments of the past year.

“The return to more normal times – and prospects for greater prosperity on dairy farms in 2022, as years of tireless effort bear fruit in the form of higher prices and better balance sheets – animals this year’s NMPF Activities and Accomplishments,” said NMPF President and CEO in his introduction to the report.

The document organizes NMPF’s works through sections spotlighting its efforts in government relations; economics; trade; regulatory affairs; and the FARM Program, along with special member-focused initiatives.

Along with the review of the highlights of what NMPF achieved in 2021, the annual report lays out some of the challenges that lie ahead, including the development of meaningful Federal Milk Marketing Order changes and the implementation of dairy’s Net Zero Initiative. In addition to online resources, anyone interested in ordering hard copies of the annual report may contact NMPF staff at info@nmpf.org.