FARM Participants Opt-In to the Environmental Stewardship Conservation Practice Questionnaire

Since its launch in August, when FARM Environmental Stewardship (ES) launched the Conservation Practice Questionnaire (CPQ), an optional add-on questionnaire to the FARM ES Version 2.0 evaluation. Since its launch, seven FARM Program participants have opted to implement it.

The existing FARM ES evaluation focuses on greenhouse gas emissions and energy use; this conservation questionnaire goes beyond these topics to ask about dairy farmers’ field and dairy-level conservation practices to capture a more holistic sustainability story. The questionnaire addresses areas covered in the industry’s 2050 environmental stewardship goals along with other topics that are of growing interest to customers and consumers.

Organizations that participate in FARM ES Version 2.0 have the option to voluntarily sign on to use the CPQ. Organizations may also choose not to use the CPQ with no impact on their participation in FARM ES. Interested participants should email