NMPF’s Galen Discusses NMPF’s Federal Order Modernization Efforts

Chris Galen, NMPF’s senior vice president of membership services and strategic initiatives, discusses NMPF’s Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) modernization efforts. Dairy experts and government officials are gathered in Carmel, IN, for what’s expected to be five to seven weeks of testimony and discussion of proposals to update and improve the FMMO system, which last saw a major revision in 2000. Following USDA’s initial presentations, the hearing will then launch into discussions of specific issues placed within the scope of the hearing, including; milk composition; surveyed commodity products; Class III and Class IV formula factors; the Base Class I skim milk price; and Class I and Class II price differentials.

NMPF’s Galen Discusses Climate Legislation and Congress’ Infant Formula Boost

NMPF Senior Vice President of Membership Services and Strategic Initiatives Chris Galen discusses the latest climate legislation updates and what Congress is doing to address the infant formula shortage on Dairy Radio Now.