U.S. Dairy has “Big Wide World” of Trade Opportunity, NMPF’s Morris Says

All of agriculture will benefit from U.S. insistence that trade agreements be enforced, even as dairy seeks export opportunities around the globe, says Shawna Morris, NMPF’s Senior Vice President for Trade.

“Having the willingness to be able to go ahead and enforce what’s needed when it becomes clear that, that’s what’s required, we think sets a good tone,” said Morris in a Dairy Defined podcast released today, referring to the U.S. Trade Representative’s recent decision to pursue a dispute settlement over Canadian practices related to the USMCA trade deal.

Meanwhile, even as existing agreements need enforcement, new deals must be pursued, she said. “One of the biggest things that’s on our radar is simply the drum beat about the importance of pursuing new market opportunities,” she said. “USMCA is a piece of that. We want to make sure the market opportunities we got in that agreement just last year, we maximize, but it’s a big wide world out there.”

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