NMPF Outreach Spans Denver to New Delhi in April

NMPF staff represented U.S. dairy farmers and their cooperatives at events ranging in location from Denver to New Delhi in April, showing leadership across industry while reaching out to dairy producers in the U.S. and worldwide.

Highlights from among more than six dozen public presentations from NMPF staff before members and dairy stakeholders include Regulatory Affairs Director Miquela Hanselman discussing nutrition, labeling, HPAI, and farm bill updates at the Western Milk Seminar in Denver, CO, on April 23.

In the international arena, trade and economics team leaders Shawna Morris, Executive Vice President for Trade Policy and Global Affairs, and Will Loux, Senior Vice President for Global Economic Affairs, represented U.S. dairy positions in Toronto, representing NMPF and the U.S. Dairy Export Council during April 24-26 meetings of the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF’s) Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics.

Loux became vice-chair of the committee in October, while Morris attended as the lead U.S. representative for IDF.

And Jaime Castaneda, Executive Vice President for Policy Development & Strategy with NMPF and USDEC, was part of a USDA Foreign Ag Service India trade mission, which included policy and business meetings with officials and potential importers from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, April 22-25. Castaneda also represented U.S. dairy in meetings in Brazil and Italy in April and early May.