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Updates on Dairy Trade with China Coming Soon

January 7, 2020

Last month the U.S. and China struck a Phase One trade deal that covers a wide range of issues, including many relevant to U.S. agriculture. At the time of this newsletter’s publication, details of the deal remain under wraps and available only on a strictly confidential basis to trade advisors. NMPF’s staff that serve in that capacity are therefore prohibited from sharing information on the agreement until the U.S. government releases it more widely.

The agreement includes results on important areas NMPF, working side by side with USDEC, has championed the need for progress on such as geographical indications, resolution of non-tariff barriers to U.S. dairy exports, and additional purchases of U.S. agricultural products.

A major determinant of the positive impact of this agreement will be the extent to which it includes or is linked to a roll-back of the punitive retaliatory tariffs imposed on our dairy products by China. This element is one NMPF has consistently pointed out is the linchpin to restoring inroads to the Chinese market.