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U.S., Mexican Dairy Industries Hold Fourth Annual Summit, Commit to Shared Goals

November 13, 2019

Strengthening their commitment to promoting dairy trade between their nations, the U.S. and Mexican dairy industries held their fourth annual meeting in Torreón, Mexico in October, discussing the importance of finalizing USMCA, addressing concerns regarding a proposal mandating front-of-packaging nutrition labeling in Mexico and reaffirming their commitment to advancing shared priorities.

NMPF, USDEC and organizations representing dairy producers and processors in Mexico attended the meeting. The U.S. and Mexican industries released a joint statement following the summit, including a multi-point pledge to protect and promote dairy.

“The dairy industries of Mexico and the United States are proud to be among the world’s leading providers of wholesome and nutritious dairy products. We help feed communities around the globe while driving economic growth and bringing myriad positive benefits to each of our respective nations. We salute the hard work of the dairy farmers and processors in both Mexico and the United States who produce superior dairy products in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” they wrote.

The annual country-to-country meeting came as the U.S. awaits congressional passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Mexico has already passed the trade pact, which will help further secure the partnership shared by the U.S. and Mexico and support the important role dairy farmers play in rural economies and providing high-quality food products to consumers. NMPF will continue working with partners in Mexico to achieve these common goals for the benefit of dairy producers.