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Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiators Aim for 2013 Close

September 9, 2013

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade ministers met at the outset of the latest round of TPP trade negotiations in late August. The meeting was intended to help spur progress in the talks and move discussions closer to a goal of concluding by the end of this year.

The U.S. in particular has been increasingly vocal about the need for greater focus and progress to advance challenging issues at this stage. On two items in particular – market access talks with Canada & Japan – are at very early stages: August represented Japan’s first full TPP round of negotiations and Canada has to date continued to resist opening up its dairy market to any meaningful degree. NMPF remains closely involved in discussions with U.S. negotiators on all topics of interest to the dairy industry and has made the U.S. government well aware of the key deliverables needed in order to secure the industry’s support.