NMPF Staff

Miquela Hanselman

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Miquela Hanselman joined NMPF in 2019 as its director of regulatory affairs, leading NMPF’s regulatory-focused efforts on nutrition and public health, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. She also oversees NMPF’s efforts for the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shipments, the multi-sector Tuberculosis Working Group and NMPF’s internship program. She is also the program lead for FARM Biosecurity, focused on protecting the health of dairy farmers’ herds and employees.

Hanselman received her Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and Master of Public Health with a concentration in food systems from Cornell University. Growing up on a dairy farm in upstate New York still operating today, she is thankful for the opportunities that being a part of the dairy industry has given her. She enjoys going home to help her brothers feed calves, milk cows and to spend time with her dog, Poppy.

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