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‘Taking A Deep Breath’ Can Help Manage a Crisis, Says FARM’s Yeiser-Stepp

May 13, 2020

The economic and health risks of coronavirus have many dairy producers on edge – but staying focused on the task at hand and remembering the value that dairy farming provides can help carry farmers through, says Emily Yeiser-Stepp, vice president at the National Milk Producers Federation and director of National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management, a.k.a. the FARM Program, in a new NMPF podcast.

“The noise that does exist in moments of crisis, like what we’re experiencing within the pandemic, does tend to heighten our stress and anxiety levels naturally,” said Yeiser-Stepp, author of a recent Hoard’s Dairyman article on helpful FARM resources and the value of establishing best-practice farm procedures.  “By defaulting to what we know, we inherently regain some control” over managing a crisis, she said. And that helps farms “stay focused on the task at hand to producing nature’s most nearly perfect product, milk.”

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