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Standing Out: Dotterer Dairy Shows Rise of Women in Dairy

June 30, 2021

Arlington, VA – On Dotterer Dairy in Mill Hill, PA, sisters Candice White and Amanda Condo work alongside their cousin Lori Dotterer Butler as the third generation on the farm. Their fathers and grandfathers still have large roles in day-to-day operations – but the three women manage crops, take care of the cows, and oversee the 1,250-Holstein dairy business.

“I feel like there’s now more women coming out and saying they are a farmer,” Candice, dairy manager at Dotterer Dairy says. “Women are being empowered about standing beside her husband, not behind him.”

In the latest Farmer Focus, the Dotterers share how they work closely with their women-led cooperative to foster sustainability and longevity on the dairy.

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