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Registration Open for National Dairy Producers Meeting in Indianapolis

February 6, 2013

Dairy producers from around the country will pack their bags and head to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the April 7 – 9, 2013 National Dairy Producers Conference (NDPC). Held every other year, the NDPC will provide an in-depth discussion of the issues facing the dairy industry, with educational discussions on many of the key challenges looming in 2013.

"We are excited to be heading to Indianapolis for this year’s meeting," said Jerry Kozak, President and CEO of NMPF, which hosts the conference. "The NDPC is an effective way to analyze the status of the dairy industry now, and discuss possible solutions for the future."

The meeting will include panels on some of the most important topics dairy producers are facing today. Immigration reform will be taking center stage in 2013, and dairy farmers will be fully engaged in that debate in Congress. Financing issues continue to challenge farmers, even though the general farm economy is improving, and there are still several questions and uncertainties about dairy lending.

Some dairy producers don’t realize the impact on the entire market chain that can result when they decide to sell or euthanize a dairy cow. Thus, one panel will address the importance of making informed decisions and ensuring that an animal is appropriate to market, is handled humanely throughout the process, and that the meat that results is a safe, quality product.

Protecting and promoting the integrity of U.S. dairy products has always been a challenge, and there are threats from non-dairy pretenders such as “soy milk” seeking to cash in on the appealing image of traditional dairy foods. In addition, European competitors are trying to prohibit the use of long-standing common names like parmesan and feta by American dairy producers and manufacturers.

A final panel will examine livestock manure and water quality issues, and look at innovative ways to turn manure management from a cost-center to a profit-center.

Individual speakers will also discuss the Dairy Security Act’s margin insurance program, technology and innovation on dairy farms, and the challenge of high and volatile feed prices.

The NDPC sessions will be preceded by an optional farm tour that will take place on Sunday, April 7. Participants will visit Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, IN.

Although the conference is geared primarily toward dairy producers, anyone with a stake in the dairy industry is invited to attend. This may include dairy cooperative executives and directors, processors, suppliers and consultants to the dairy industry, state and federal regulators, promotion organization executives, and academics.

Participants are encouraged to secure their farm tour spot, meeting registration, and hotel reservation at The hotel’s cut-off date for discounted room reservations is Thursday, March 14. After that date, the room rate will be confirmed on a space and rate-available basis.

For complete information about the NDPC, please visit