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Read This First: How to Read This Month’s Newsletter

September 7, 2022

August is unique in Washington, as members of Congress spend the month in their districts and government officials go on vacation. That doesn’t mean nothing gets done – in fact, the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last month is one of the biggest pieces of legislation approved by the current Congress. But it does mean that, with elections looming, it’s time to take stock on what’s been achieved and decide which steps to take next.

We at NMPF are always focused on achievements for our members, and this pause in Washington’s year also provides an opportunity to share what we have done on behalf of our members. In this edition of News for Dairy Cooperatives, once you get past the August highlights (and they’re worth the read!), you will see a detailed recap of what we’ve been doing to serve our members and advance this industry since March, when our Activities and Accomplishments annual report was published. Going beyond the monthly scope of a typical newsletter, we explore how patient efforts pay off, through significant progress in efforts ranging from NMPF’s leadership on milk pricing; to supporting record exports through sound policy; to making sure the latest insights in animal care are applied via farmer-focused consultation with the entire industry.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve.