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No MPP Fix in Federal Spending Bill; NMPF to Continue to Seek Opportunities

May 8, 2017

NMPF is continuing its efforts to impress upon Congress the urgent need to improve the Margin Protection Program to make it an effective risk management tool for dairy farmers.  NMPF has developed and recommended a series of improvements, including changing the feed formula and altering the premium rate structure to make the program more effective and affordable for dairy farmers.

As Congress worked to finalize its annual government spending bill last week, NMPF worked with legislators in an effort to identify funding options to improve MPP in that bill.  But that effort, like many other requests, was unable to be included due to budgetary constraints on the overall spending package, which dealt with funding for all federal programs. Cotton interests also sought to address deficiencies in their safety net, but unfortunately, neither was included in the final package approved by Congress this week.

NMPF will continue to work on a bipartisan basis with dairy policy leaders and other members of the House and Senate to identify every possible opportunity for MPP reform and drive home the point that our dairy producers need this safety net to work for them – and that will require resources from Congress.