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NMPF’s Proposed Changes to MPP

May 8, 2017

NMPF Board of Directors Unanimously Approves Recommendations to Margin Protection Program

The Margin Protection Program-Dairy (MPP-Dairy) was developed by the National Milk Producers Federation through a lengthy, detailed and deliberative process in response to the dairy industry financial crisis of 2009. However, when Congress eventually enacted the program in 2014, the MPP had been amended and diluted to the extent that it, too, fell short of providing the protection required of an effective farm safety net program. Over the last two years, NMPF staff gathered feedback on the program from producers across the country. At the 2016 NMPF Annual Meeting, NMPF Chairman Randy Mooney re-established the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) to review the program and suggest possible improvements. The NMPF Board of Directors approved the final list of recommendations at its meeting on March 7.