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NMPF’s Galen Discusses the Need for Dairy Advocacy in Podcast

March 31, 2020

Chris Galen, senior vice president for membership services and strategic initiatives at the National Milk Producers Federation, says dairy farmers need effective policy advocacy in Washington as the economic effects of coronavirus are dealt with for months, in both anticipated and unanticipated ways.

“This is a really challenging time because the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every single aspect of our society,” Galen said in a podcast today. “In dairy, we saw prices finally begin to rise at the end of last year after a prolonged trough. There’s a lot of economic stress on the farm, and then this seems like it’s adding insult to injury.

“It’s doubly important that we advocate for the economic interests of our members because the typical dairy farmer, he’s really, she’s really at the end of their rope at the end of the last few years. And now we have to deal with the great unknown of how long the recession that’s caused by the virus is going to continue.”

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