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NMPF Teams with Merck Animal Health to Help Producers Improve Animal Care

August 4, 2015

NMPF has teamed up with Merck Animal Health, a global animal medicine company, to provide additional resources to dairy producers participating in NMPF’s six-year-old animal well-being program, Farmers Assuring Responsible ManagementTM, or FARM

NMPF’s partnership with Merck, announced August 5, will give producers across the country access to tools and workshops available through Merck’s own dairy animal care training program, known as Dairy C.A.R.E. It should help ensure a comprehensive approach to employee training and animal care in the dairy industry.

Dairy C.A.R.E. includes animal handling training videos, a comprehensive resource guide, and customizable templates of animal care policies that outline how to assure maximum animal health and well-being. Merck Animal Health is offering free workshops around the country to help dairy producers tailor the Dairy C.A.R.E. materials for their farms. 

Emily Meredith, NMPF’s vice president for animal care, said “Dairy C.A.R.E. helps producers meet the requirements of the FARM Animal Care Program, such as creating a cow care agreement, developing written standard operating procedures, and providing employee training. 

“Animal care is everyone’s responsibility in the dairy industry, and we all take it seriously. We’re excited about the partnership with Merck Animal Health to help advance this industry-wide effort,” Meredith added.