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NMPF Statement Dr. Stephen Hahn’s Confirmation as FDA Commissioner

December 12, 2019

From Jim Mulhern, President and CEO

“We congratulate Dr. Stephen Hahn on his bipartisan confirmation as FDA commissioner. Dr. Hahn will provide strong leadership and direction to an agency that, understandably, has been reticent to resolve important issues in the absence of a full-fledged leader.

“Dr Hahn showed in his confirmation hearing that he understands the public-health need to address the issue of mislabeled plant-based products inappropriately marketed using dairy terms. As this problem grows more acute, consumer deception about nutritional content increases, adding urgency to the need for the FDA to enforce its own rules.

“Dr. Hahn has voiced his support for ‘clear, transparent, and understandable labeling for the American people,’ and we urge him to act quickly on this issue at FDA, as he pledged during his confirmation hearing.”