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NMPF Adds Online Coronavirus Toolbox While Thanking Farmers

May 1, 2020

NMPF’s coronavirus website expanded and evolved with the crisis itself, with documents addressing milk dumping and herd-culling while launching a regular toolkit update to keep members apprised of resources. At the same time, the site served as a way to thank farmers for the hard work they did, with a new video featuring an NMPF board member showing how dairy has remained resilient in hard times.

The Coronavirus Dairy Toolbox, planned as a biweekly update, launched April 22 with links to recent NMPF podcasts and new documents to aid the dairy community in digest form for easy-to-access member information. NMPF also launched a new drive for subscriptions to publications, including this newsletter, its monthly Dairy Market Report, its Dairy Defined thought leadership series, its quarterly Regulatory Register, and other offerings, with an online signup for anyone who would like to subscribe to NMPF publications.

Highlighting outreach in April was NMPF’s publication of a video featuring board member Nic Schoenberger thanking dairy farmers for the work every day they are doing to serve consumers and their country during the coronavirus crisis. The video was seen more than 100,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times in its first day, providing perspective on dairy’s inspiring response to the crisis.