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New Documents Outline Expanded Drug Residue Testing Program

December 7, 2016

As state and federal milk safety regulators begin developing a new program to test for tetracycline residues in raw milk samples, details about this new Appendix N program are beginning to emerge through the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) website. NMPF has been engaged in the NCIMS process since the organization voted at its 2015 meeting to expand the required testing of milk for drug residues beyond beta-lactams.

While the new pilot program will target the tetracycline class of drugs (which indulges oxytetracycline, tetracycline and chlortetracycline), the timing of when that testing will commence has yet to be determined.  Once the implementation date is announced – likely not until the spring of 2017 – NMPF will host a webinar for its members outlining the nature of the sampling process.

To prepare the industry for the next step, the NCIMS has released the following draft documents:

  1. DRAFT 2015 NCIMS Proposal 211 Pilot Program Accepted Tetracycline Test Kit Using Both Undiluted and Diluted Steps
  2. DRAFT Appendix N Pilot Program Question and Answer Version 3
  3. DRAFT PowerPoint 2015 NCIMS Proposal 211 Raw Milk Testing Pilot for Non-Beta Lactam Drugs Version 3
  4. DRAFT Appendix N Modification LEO Responsibilities for New Tetracycline Test Kits

NMPF staff will continue to work with the Appendix N Committee on the remaining details of the pilot program. As NMPF members review these documents, please contact Beth Briczinski with questions or feedback