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National Dairy FARM Program to Launch Environmental Stewardship Module in February

January 10, 2017

The new FARM Environmental Stewardship module will be available to interested cooperatives and proprietary processors starting Feb. 13. FARM Environmental Stewardship is the third silo of the FARM Program’s structure, joining the existing animal care and antibiotic use modules within the overall FARM Program.

The existing FARM Program database will have an option for those wishing to opt in to the FARM Environmental Stewardship component, which can be done using a designated “Participant” account.

FARM Environmental Stewardship is based on the Farm Smart calculator: a greenhouse gas, fuel and energy baseline tool that calculates a farm’s footprint per unit of milk produced. As farmers upgrade their technology and produce milk more efficiently, FARM Environmental Stewardship will be able to capture these gains and provide data to milk marketers so they can then promote this positive story to dairy customers.

In preparation for the release of the FARM Environmental Stewardship module, the FARM Program is hosting several webinars, including a session on the science behind FARM Environmental Stewardship, one on Database and Data Entry App Training, and another on best management practices (BMPs). The BMP session will come after the release of the Project Guide in April, which will spotlight ways in which a farm can lower its footprint and, in many cases, improve its economic efficiency.

FARM Environmental Stewardship will pilot-test the app in January, when it will also release the FARM Environmental Stewardship User Guide, in conjunction with the upcoming training webinar. Be sure to check the FARM Environmental Stewardship section of the FARM Program website for new materials. Please contact Ryan Bennett ( with any additional questions.