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MPP Forecast: November

November 16, 2016

The Margin Protection Program (MPP) margin for the July-August period rebounded to $8.43 per hundredweight from the $5.76 per cwt. rate announced for the May-June period.  The May-June level was the lowest bimonthly MPP margin since the program began two years ago. USDA’s MPP decision tool is projecting no probability that the margin will be less than $8 per hundredweight during the remainder of 2016, and a 10 percent probability that this will happen during calendar year 2017. USDA’s MPP margin forecasts are updated daily online.

Dairy farmers have from now until Dec. 16 to enroll in MPP for coverage in 2017 or to change their coverage level if they are already participating in MPP. NMPF’s Future for Dairy website offers a variety of educational resources to help farmers select the desired coverage level.