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FARM Updates AMR Challenge

October 2, 2019

The FARM program has updated its Antimicrobial Resistance Challenge numbers, showing dairy’s commitment to preventing the development of superbugs in livestock.

The Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge was launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the United Nations General Assembly in 2018 to “accelerate the fight against antimicrobial resistance across the globe.” By participating, governments, non-governmental organizations and private companies committed to preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistance and slowing the development of new resistance.

The National Milk Producers Federation committed to the AMR Challenge last year, joining more than 200 participants worldwide. NMPF took up the challenge through encouraging increased veterinary oversight of antibiotic use via FARM’s Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship initiative. Under VCPR, a dairy farmer consults with a veterinarian on development of treatment and recordkeeping protocols that address the proper use of antibiotics. Dairy farms then are evaluated on conformance to the standards by a certified independent expert.

Since 2017, 27,650 dairy farms have been evaluated by the FARM Animal Care Program. Seventy-eight percent of evaluated farms had a valid VCPR, and the remaining 22 percent obtained a valid VCPR with the next 5.5 months.  For more about the AMR Challenge, visit at