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FARM Trains Evaluators, Discusses Standards

August 5, 2019

As part of the leadup to the implementation of FARM Animal Care Version 4.0, the National Dairy FARM Program hosted the first of four FARM Animal Care Version 4.0 Evaluator and Evaluator Trainer Courses in Madison, Wisconsin July 1517. FARM also held its fourth annual evaluator conference July 23-25.

FARM Animal Care Version 4.0, which will launch on Jan. 1 through the end of 2022, establishes a more refined process for animal care evaluator selection and training, including an increase of previous on-farm experience, more robust initial application and increased length of training. These updates, the focus of the training sessions, serve to increase the integrity and consistency of implementation of the FARM Animal Care Program. Evaluator requirements and application can be found here.

At the evaluator conference held in Denver, evaluators from across the country gathered to network and discuss updates to FARM. Evaluators had the opportunity to listen to speakers discuss relevant topics such as implementing FARM Environmental Stewardship at the participant level and the impact on animal welfare due to labor-related matters.