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FARM Program Upcoming Training Courses & Webinars

February 3, 2016

In the past month, NMPF staff have hosted webinars for more than 500 staff of member cooperatives and proprietary processors participating in the FARM Program. The webinars provided updates on the status of the industry’s comprehensive animal care program, as well as information that can be provided to customers who have questions about the dairy industry’s commitment to addressing this important issue. These outreach efforts will continue in 2016, as the FARM Program will offer two additional webinar series: one on animal care, and one on drug residue prevention. Both series will focus on best management practices, communications and training resources available. Be sure to visit the FARM website for dates and times.

As the FARM Program transitions toward Version 3.0 in January 2017, every available resource will be devoted to ensuring that those who help implement the program are aware of the changes and are prepared to assist producers in addressing the new guidelines. Specifically, at least three Train-the-Trainer courses will be offered in August, September and November to ensure all staff involved with 2nd party FARM Program evaluations are re-trained on the new format. For specific dates and locations, visit the FARM website.

Also, planning is underway for the inaugural FARM Program Evaluator Conference, to be held in conjunction with NMPF’s Joint Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn., this October. The Evaluator Conference was requested by multiple FARM Program cooperatives as a way to encourage collaboration to better implement the program.