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FARM Program Releases Everyday Biosecurity Manual

December 6, 2022

The National Dairy FARM program Oct 24. released Version 1 of the FARM Everyday Biosecurity manual, one of the key deliverables tied to 2020 National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response program funding to develop FARM Biosecurity. The manual focuses on everyday steps dairy farmers should take to protect herd and employee health. Taking a building block approach, the manual outlines key focus areas that include:

  • Animal health and disease monitoring
  • Animal movements and contact
  • Animal products, vehicles and equipment
  • Personnel, cleaning and disinfection; and
  • Line of separation.

Operations just getting started in biosecurity should focus on animal movements and contact, animal health and disease monitoring and personnel, the FARM Biosecurity task force recommends. FARM Biosecurity is the newest pillar of the FARM program and participation is voluntary. In addition to everyday biosecurity mentioned above, enhanced biosecurity for the Secure Milk Supply Program  focuses on the steps that need to be taken in the event of a Foot and Mouth disease outbreak.