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FARM Hosts Quick Conversations on Program Components

October 2, 2020

The FARM Program staff and industry experts will lead a series of quick, 30-minute conversations for producer audiences to learn more about FARM program components, expectations and resources. This series will be held weekly beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Feedback from the 20-farmer member FARM Farmer Advisory Council suggested that quick Q&As about the FARM program, no longer requiring a physical event, would be helpful to broaden awareness and answer frequently asked questions about the program.  Each conversation will be streamed live via Zoom and on the FARM program Facebook page. After the livestream, the recordings and supplementary materials will be stored on the FARM site here.

Participants will discuss four program areas of FARM, Animal Care, Antibiotic Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship and Workforce Development, as well as the farmer’s role within the program. Most importantly, this is a key opportunity for farmers to get their questions about FARM answered directly from staff. For more information, please contact the FARM team at