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EPA Releases Draft NAEMS Dairy Emission Models

August 2, 2022

EPA released July 14 the preliminary draft report on ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulate matter emission models for dairy operations developed using data gathered during the National Air Emissions Monitoring Study (NAEMS). The report is now available via the NAEMS project site.

The report’s release will be followed by EPA’s draft report on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission models for dairy farms, set for release later this year. Once the second report is released, EPA will then take time to revise and improve the preliminary draft models for all animal types. Once all the models have been reviewed and revised, EPA will release the entire set of revised draft models for a formal public comment period currently scheduled for mid-year 2023 with finalization by that year’s end. NMPF will be reviewing the current and future drafts to provide comment to EPA.

The NAEMS was established in 2006 by a voluntary Air Compliance Agreement between the EPA and the pork, dairy, egg and broiler industries, to address the lack of scientific data. Funded through a one-time authorization through the national dairy checkoff, dairy farmers provided the financial support for NAEMS so that emissions data could be collected at select sites to first, accurately assess emissions from livestock operations and compile a database for estimation of emission rates, and second, promote a national consensus for emissions-estimation methods and procedures from livestock operations.