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Dragun Corporation Helps Dairy Operations with Complex Environmental Issues

March 7, 2014

The Dragun Corporation (highlighted in this issue’s Associate Member Focus), in its 25-year history of environmental assessment and remediation, has worked with dairy producers on a variety of complex environmental issues. For example, when groups opposed the approval of permit applications for dairy farms because of concerns that manure might threaten water supplies, Dragun used sound science and site-specific data to provide reliable opinions on the subject. When a producer was going to develop a CAFO, but was uncertain about a long-term water supply, Dragun tested the groundwater yield and chemistry using state-of-the-science methods to provide reliable data to assist with the producer’s decision. Dragun uses science and engineering to be resolute when state and federal regulatory agencies suggest unreasonable monitoring or remedies. If the issue goes to court, Dragun has a long track record of providing well-reasoned litigation support on a variety of environmental issues.

Dragun has also worked with dairy cooperatives, processing plants, and NMPF to provide environmental consulting support. When a new milk processing plant was being developed, Dragun was asked by the co-op to work on their behalf to negotiate with regulators the approval of several environmental permits. When a co-op was conducting merger and acquisitions of processing plants, Dragun was asked to conduct environmental due diligence on properties to be purchased. Dragun has worked with NMPF on their environmental task force, lending particular expertise in scientific and environmental engineering disciplines. Dragun also developed the SPCC template that is found on the NMPF website.