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Deadline Extended for Comments on Version 3.0 of FARM Animal Care Manual

January 8, 2016

The deadline to submit feedback on the FARM Program’s third update to its reference manual has been extended by nine days to January 15, 2016. The reference manual, which outlines best management practices central to the program, is reviewed and reissued every three years.

Last fall, NMPF’s Animal Health and Well-being Committee approved edits to the manual suggested by the FARM Program Technical Writing Group, comprised of academics, veterinarians, producers and co-op staff who reviewed the latest research, discussed feedback received from FARM Program evaluators and sifted through recommendations from dairy customers.

The committee’s draft includes both minor and substantive edits to all 11 chapters of the manual. Those interested in providing comments on the draft Animal Care manual should utilize the FARM website comment form.  All comments must be submitted to Emily Meredith, NMPF Vice President of Animal Care, by Friday, Jan. 15.