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Dairy Animal Care in the Spotlight

February 3, 2010


Dairy Animal Care in the Spotlight

Dairy animal care is likely to get additional attention regionally and nationally in 2010, and NMPF’s response to that focus is to both stress the steps farmers take to provide proper animal husbandry, and tout the benefits of the new National dairy FARM program unveiled in 2009. The Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program offers a nationwide, verifiable animal well-being program that demonstrates U.S. milk producers are committed to the highest quality standards.

The FARM program’s quick user reference guide is now available for distribution to producers, as a prelude to the on-farm education process later this year. NMPF cooperatives interested in sharing that information with their farmers should contact Betsy Flores on the NMPF staff.

Certain animal care practices, such as tail docking and dehorning, have been portrayed by animal rights groups and some in the media as unacceptable practices that should be banned from on-farm use. With the proper protocols in place and the use of anesthetics, these practices can be used safely and completed with minimal pain to the animals. Producers using these practices should consult with a veterinarian to review protocols and procedures.