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CWT Continues to Grow Export Markets for U.S. Dairy Products

October 7, 2014

Cooperatives Working Together helped its member cooperatives make 33 export sales in September, involving 5.7 million pounds of American-type cheese and 12.7 million pounds of whole milk powder. The total 18.4 million pounds of dairy products will be delivered to customers on six continents by March 2015.

The September total brings CWT-assisted dairy export sales to 167 million pounds for the year. The sales are equivalent of 2.1 billion pounds of milk on a milkfat basis. That equals the annual milk production of nearly 100,000 cows.

USDA data shows there were 47,000 more cows in the national dairy herd in August than a year earlier. CWT’s Export Assistance program has helped member cooperatives market the milk of those cows and more.

CWT is a voluntary, farmer-funded program developed by NMPF to preserve family dairy farms. It helps cooperatives maintain and expand world markets for products made from milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers.