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CWT Assists with 17.8 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales

August 7, 2013

Of the 124 requests for export assistance that Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) received in the month of July, it accepted or had its counter offers accepted on 67. Forty were for cheese exports totaling of 8.755 million pounds, and 27 were for butter exports totaling 8.879 million pounds. With large inventories of cheese and butter hanging over the market, moving these quantities should help alleviate some of the pressure growing inventories are causing.

For the first seven months of 2013, CWT has helped member cooperatives to sell 75.7 million pounds of cheese and 61.3 million pounds of butter. These products are going to 34 countries on all six continents, and it will all be shipped in 2013. On a milkfat basis, that is the equivalent of 2.1 billion pounds of milk, nearly 400 million pounds more than USDA’s latest projected increase in 2013 production over 2012 of 1.7 billion pounds.

As it is designed to do, CWT’s Export Assistance program helps member cooperatives gain and maintain market share, thus expanding the demand for U.S. dairy products and the farm milk used to produce them.