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Cartoon Character Debuts to Promote REAL® Seal

July 10, 2013

In an ongoing effort to revitalize and build awareness of the dairy industry’s iconic REAL® Seal, NMPF has introduced a cartoon character modeled after the logo.

“The REAL® Seal has been around for nearly 40 years,” said Jim Mulhern, Chief Operating Officer of NMPF. “This character is intended to bring the importance of looking for REAL® dairy products and foods made with REAL® dairy products to life.”

The first order of business is choosing a name for the character, which will be done through an online challenge.

“We want kids to learn how to differentiate real dairy products and foods made with real American dairy products from the vegetable- and nut-based pretenders,” said Mulhern. “To highlight this important distinction, we are launching a campaign to name the character.”

Names may be submitted through the REAL® Seal website: All entries must be received by August 31, 2013.  The top three names entered will be posted in September on the REAL® Seal Facebook page ( and subject to a vote. The name with the most votes will be declared the winner.