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YC’s Meet, Mooney Speaks

June 11, 2019

The three days of NMPF meetings from June 3-5 began with a day of training and activities for the organization’s Young Cooperators, who spent the next day meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Board members also spent two days discussing a number of dairy policy issues and hearing presentations from NMPF staff as well as NMPF Chairman Randy Mooney.

Looking at the state of the dairy economy and the turbulence of U.S. trade, Mooney noted that while an immediate relief from low prices and increased consolidation may not be imminent, dairy’s crucial role in feeding the U.S. and world continues.

“Last year was troubling, as U.S. dairy farms disappeared at almost double the rate of consolidation than we’ve seen over the past decade,” Mooney said. “But milk remains a fundamentally attractive product for a growing global population.”