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NMPF Statement on USDA’s Extension of 2022 DMC Signup

February 8, 2022

Statement from NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern on USDA’s Extension of 2022 DMC Signup:

“Dairy farmers thank USDA and Secretary Vilsack for extending signup for this year’s Dairy Margin Coverage Program in order to maximize producer signup for this important program. DMC offers cost-effective margin protection for small and medium-sized producers and inexpensive catastrophic coverage for larger dairies. It provides critical protection against unforeseen market disruptions – and if the past two years have shown anything, it’s that unforeseen market disruptions can happen. We urge all producers to sign up for DMC protection, part of a suite of NMPF-supported, federally backed risk-management that also includes the Dairy-RP and LGM-Dairy programs.”

For more information on DMC and NMPF’s support for effective risk management, visit NMPF’s website here.