Biosecurity Resources

Biosecurity plays a crucial role in safeguarding U.S. dairy farms, ensuring the health and productivity of livestock while preserving the economic viability of dairy businesses. By implementing biosecurity measures, dairy farmers can effectively mitigate the risk of infectious diseases and pests that threaten the well-being of their animals. This is important not only for animal welfare but also for maintaining a sustainable food supply chain and meeting consumer demand for safe, wholesome dairy products.

The goal of effective biosecurity is to minimize disease spread. This includes diseases entering the dairy from outside sources and controlling spread of diseases on the dairy. It happens when steps are put in place to limit exposure to disease agents through separation and cleanliness while strengthening the hosts immunity and creating an optimal environment for healthy living. Ensuring biosecurity practices are explained to guests prior to arriving and through employee training is key to a successful program. Everyone has a role in protecting cattle and human health on U.S. dairy farms.

See below and visit the National Dairy FARM Program’s Biosecurity webpage for more information and resources.

Biosecurity Resources for Dairy Farms

FARM Program: Everyday Biosecurity

FARM Program: Enhanced Biosecurity

Secure Milk Supply Enhanced Biosecurity

California Secure Milk Supply Plan Resources (customized for CDFA needs)