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REAL Seal to Launch New Social Media Campaign

May 14, 2013

NMPF’s efforts to revitalize the REAL® Seal will take a big leap forward this spring, as a new campaign to build interest in the seal through social media is being launched. The campaign will galvanize interest among consumers in real, American-made dairy products, using a new Facebook page, blogger outreach, and digital advertising. The program will be launched in time for June Dairy Month.

The revamped REAL Seal® Facebook page will create a new voice and visual feel to engage and cultivate target audiences, especially moms and heads of households consuming dairy products. The page’s content will include interaction-provoking updates, multimedia presentations, contests, polls, and quizzes. One of the elements of the launch will feature a “Name the Character” contest. Kids submitting the winning name will receive a packet of coupons provided by product marketers using the REAL® Seal.

The blogger outreach will generate engagement, online conversation, and awareness surrounding the REAL® Seal campaign by driving consumers to official REAL® Seal platforms, and by interacting with bloggers writing about the mom/parenting, food/cooking, health/wellness, and lifestyle topic areas. Starting in July, a special Buyer’s Guide section will be added to the REAL® Seal website, where consumers will be able to go to find REAL® dairy products, foods made with REAL® dairy products and restaurants that use and serve only REAL® dairy products. REAL® Seal users will have the option of providing links to their company’s website as well.