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No DMC payments for October as Prices Rise

December 6, 2022

The U.S. average all-milk price rose $1.50/cwt in October from a month earlier, boosting the month’s DMC margin well above the $9.50/cwt maximum coverage level needed to trigger program payments, after two months of payouts.

The October margin was $10.71/cwt, $2.09/cwt higher than September’s margin. The DMC feed cost dropped by $0.59/cwt in October, driven entirely by a sizeable drop in the price of corn.

Another small payment for $9.50/cwt Tier 1 coverage may be triggered in December, based on current projects. Payments this year under the program, for August and September, together total the equivalent of about $0.19/cwt on an annualized basis and would be enough to cover the annual premium for a farmer enrolled in DMC at the $9.50 coverage level.