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NMPF Submits comments to USDA Ag Innovation Agenda

September 2, 2020

NMPF submitted comments to USDA’s Agriculture Innovation Agenda Aug. 1, highlighting the U.S. dairy industry’s sustainability goals and the need for technology and innovation to help us get there.

The agenda was seeking comments in four innovation areas identified in the 2019 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Report. Topics identified in which research and innovation would be the most helpful for the dairy industry include economic and environmental sustainability; producing more competitive dairy products; and increasing job availability.

The comments supported and aligned with comments from Newtrient and DMI to support the 2050 Sustainability Goals and Net Zero Initiative.

“One of the greatest opportunities that exists for dairy farmers is their ability to provide real solutions to many of today’s biggest environmental challenges like carbon emissions, soil health, water quality, and water quantity,” the comments state.

These comments are a part of NMPF’s work for the Net Zero Initiative, which aims to reach carbon neutrality across the entire U.S. dairy industry by 2050.