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NMPF Staff, Programs Highlighted at World Dairy Summit in Lithuania

October 7, 2015

NMPF staff played leadership roles in September at the 2015 International Dairy Federation (IDF), World Dairy Summit (WDE) held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Before the Summit even started, NMPF staff were active in representing the interests of U.S. dairy farmers and cooperatives in the IDF business meetings, discussing important topics including international trade, process cheese standards, farm management issues, antimicrobial stewardship, animal health, environment and sustainability, food safety, and animal care.

Due in large part to NMPF’s contributions, several staff were nominated to take leadership roles on several of IDF’s standing committees. Dr. Jamie Jonker, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, was elected as Chair of IDF’s Farm Management Committee. Emily Meredith, Vice President of Animal Care, was elected as Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Residues and Chemical Contaminants. Shawna Morris, Vice President Trade Policy, shown above, will also remain as Vice-Chair for US-IDF for another term.

NMPF spotlighted the U.S. dairy industry successes during the WDS, as well. Dr. Jonker presented during the Animal Health and Welfare Conference on the “Antibiotic Stewardship in the United States Dairy Industry,” showcasing the efforts underway to ensure judicious use of antibiotics by America’s farmers. During the same session, Meredith discussed the National Dairy FARM animal care program in a presentation titled “Addressing animal care concerns and building consumer trust through ‘responsible sourcing’ guidelines for dairy producers.”

At the Dairy Farming Conference during the poster session, Dr. Jonker highlighted the on-going preparedness efforts for “A secure milk supply plan for a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the United States.” During the same Conference, he moderated a panel discussion about risk management on dairy farms, where Morris discussed the new dairy Margin Protection Program. Dr. Jonker also moderated the first IDF Dairy Farm

ers Forum, where dairy farmers from around the

 world discussed common issues of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

In addition to highlighting the great things happening on U.S. dairy farms, the WDS provided an excellent opportunity for NMPF staff to network and engage with experts from numerous countries. Staff in attendance brought back many ideas that will help inform and improve many NMPF programs.