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NMPF Leads Efforts to Share U.S. Dairy With Those in Need

June 2, 2020

With reliable access to food jeopardized in much of the world due to COVID-19, NMPF is working to ensure dairy products with key nutrients necessary for child development and adult health are provided to those who need it most.

The presidents and CEOs of the nation’s leading dairy organizations – NMPF, the U.S. Dairy Export Council and the International Dairy Foods Association – sent a letter May 18 urging Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to use all tools at his disposal to “ensure high-quality, nutritious U.S. dairy products are made available to our international neighbors in need.”

Dairy farmers are facing some of the steepest losses of all major U.S. agricultural producers, with losses potentially reaching $8.2 billion, based on a comparison of current USDA projections with pre-crisis estimates. U.S. dairy distribution as international food aid would provide dairy products to those who badly need it while providing an outlet for domestic farm goods that have been displaced in the marketplace by the COVID-19 crisis.