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NMPF Citizen Petition- File a Comment!

July 30, 2019

In response to the Citizen Petition on fake milk products filed by NMPF, the FDA has opened a docket for comments to be
submitted. NMPF urges stakeholders to submit comments here to ensure that the agency continues to hear why this is such an important issue. This docket closes August 20th and the FDA is suspected to make a ruling regarding plant-based foods labeling by early next year.

Details of the Petition:
The petition argues that the use of standardized dairy terms such as “milk,” “yogurt,” “cheese,” “ice cream” and “butter” on
non-dairy plant-based substitutes “falsely implies that the non-dairy substitutes are equivalent to and interchangeable with
standardized dairy foods.” It also lays out a road map for what these plant-based products could be labeled as if they wanted to continue to use dairy terms on their packages, and details why this isn’t a first amendment issue.

Contact: Clay Detlefsen