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Milk Pricing Proposals Reviewed by NMPF Board at June Meeting

July 6, 2022

NMPF’s Board of Directors took additional steps toward modernizing the federal milk pricing system at their meeting June 7-8 in Arlington, VA.

The board reviewed and provided feedback on a series of recommended improvements generated by a member task force of Federal Milk Marketing Order experts.

The task force formed four committees earlier this year to assess specific areas in need of modernization, including Milk Composition; Dairy Products and Product Specifications; Make Allowances; and Class I Pricing. The task force unanimously recommended 10 proposals to the Economic Policy Committee in those four areas, which now are being shared more broadly with NMPF membership and other stakeholders for further discussion and refinement. The goal to create a single package of recommendations for final approval by the full Board of Directors later this year.

The Board also welcomed two new directors: Joe Coote from Darigold/Northwest Dairy Association and Dan Rosen from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery.