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Mexican, NMPF Dairy Leaders Meet to Mutually Benefit Producers

November 13, 2018

To bolster U.S. dairy farmers’ potential to increase sales in their most important export market, NMPF, together with the U.S. Dairy Export Council and with support from Dairy Management Inc., participated in a third bi-national summit with the Mexican dairy industry in mid-October in Chicago. The recurrent U.S.-Mexico dairy meetings were launched out of a recognition of the industries’ invaluable partnership, the benefits it had yielded to both dairy sectors over the years, and a desire to further that relationship by investing in an even more integrated pursuit of mutual priorities. That commitment has been particularly important since last year as NAFTA renegotiations threatened to upend trading patterns with our most important export market; close collaboration has been integral to countering that risk.

“Given the importance of the Mexican market to American dairy farmers and cooperatives and the benefits we know come to both our industries when we work together toward a common purpose, NMPF is firmly committed to continuing to work with our partners in Mexico to improve the lives of dairy farmers on both sides of the border,” said Jim Mulhern, President and CEO of NMPF.

Capping off the meeting, the two countries issued a joint statement that outlined goals, including:

  • Enhancing trade between the United States and Mexico and promoting the elimination of trade barriers between the two countries affecting dairy products.
  • Expanding dairy consumption in both countries and promoting activities that could help increase dairy consumption in the region.
  • Identifying and promoting actions that improve productivity and efficiencies on the farm.
  • Strengthening industry cooperation in technology and training at both the farm and producer levels.
  • Defending common-name food products and allowing their free use in North America.
  • Strengthening the image of dairy products and defending against the use of milk names by non-dairy products.
  • Continuing a close working relationship to foster discussion and analysis of key topics.